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For over 30 years Bailey Tours has proudly partnered with educators like you to transform the way students look at the world – and themselves. Bailey Tours has become one of the most highly dependable educational tour companies in the Southeast, providing affordable day trips and multi-day tours for thousands of students. Our tours are usually all-inclusive, with pricing competitive with any tour company in the U.S.


Safety is our top priority. A member of Bailey Tours accompanies every group when possible to ensure safety, smooth transitions from venue to venue, and to provide “Red Cap” service for all of the finer details and customizations to the itinerary. Participants feel confident with our personalized support, and we include a security guard on every floor of the hotel where students, teachers, and parents are staying.

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Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS)

Our student educational tours to Washington D.C. include interactive learning experiences. As a licensed Washington D.C. tour guide leads each group through our country’s rich history, your students will learn more about our founding fathers, the three branches of government, significant documents from our past, and visit our country’s most awe-inspiring monuments and museums.

Specific standards within Social Studies include:

  • Origins and purposes of Government, Law, and the American Political System
  • Structure and Functions of Government

See One Of Our Students Meet the First Lady During a White House Tour

Read the full story here: SJEDS Students Meet First Lady While Touring The White House

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