Phil Little – Duval County Public Schools

I am writing to express my gratitude for your outstanding service which you have provided to me and the social studies teachers I support in Duval County Public Schools (DCPS). In my position as the district Coordinator of Social Studies, I appreciate the difficulties of organizing many people and providing them with a high level educational experience. Over the last 11 years, you have provided me with unprecedented service, quality, value and expertise in numerous trips that my teachers and I have taken with you. As you recall, we have gone to Washington D.C., Gettysburg, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, Baltimore, and other locations. We have visited Fort McHenry, the Martin Luther King Memorial, Ford’s Theatre, all the Smithsonian museums, the American Civil War Museum, the D-Day Museum, Mt. Vernon, the Native American Indian Museum, the Capitol Building, Chalmette Battlefield, Antietam, the Holocaust Museum, the Vietnam Memorial, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, and scores of other museums, memorials and historic sites.

I never had to worry about the knowledge of the historical guides you provided. They were always of the utmost quality and teaching ability. Neither did I have to worry about logistics or how my teachers were treated and supported on the trips. You literally took care of every eventuality.

I can absolutely recommend you and your tours to any teacher, school or group wishing to take historical tours and be completely confident that the tour will be of the highest quality. In an age and culture becoming more distant and impersonal, you have excelled at what really matters most in a business: you provide exceptional customer service, personal service, and have a concern for the excellence of your work and the complete satisfaction of your customers. In 11 years, I have never had a single complaint about how you treated and provided for my teachers and me.

Please have any interested customers contact me, if they wish, and I will provide them with this testimony about your service.

Duval County Public Schools Social Sciences Department Testimonial
Phil Little
Coordinator, Social Sciences Department
Duval County Public Schools
1701 Prudential Drive, Fourth Floor
Jacksonville, Florida 32207-8182
Ph: 904-390-2670
Fax: 904-390-2260

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